Mission Statement

It is the desire of United Revival Ministries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the world, leading individuals to understand and accept Jesus’ gift of salvation, and encouraging Believers to love the Lord their God with all their hearts and souls and minds.

Our Mission

  • United Revival Crusades/Revival Nights – Worship Concerts with Inspirational Message conducted in different cities.
  • Mission Trips – Mission trips to international locations.
  • United Revival Conferences – Conferences to be held in different cities offering support to local churches and pastors.
  • Supporting Mission Works
    • Pastoral Retreats and/or Conferences
    • Rescue Missions – Establish and/or participate with existing Rescue Missions to assist and support special needs groups, i.e.:
      • The Homeless
      • Veterans
      • Grief Ministries

Vision Statement

The vision of United Revival Ministries is to positively impact youth, men and women through uplifting, encouraging evangelistic campaigns and discipleship presentations.

United Revival Ministries strives to strengthen families and local churches through:

  • Evangelistic crusades.
  • Ministry leadership training seminars.
  • Bible training seminars.

With the support of the local church and Godly men:

  • Present retreats where Godly leaders can win youth for Christ and to show youth that it is possible to live a Godly life at home, school, and church.
  • Promote fellowship among Christians who have the mutual objective of winning and training individuals for Christ.
  • Interact with the community and local governments to provide mutually beneficial programs and activities which advance the ministry’s principles and standards.
  • Identify and plan short-term mission projects.
  • Prepare and host compelling online presentations that answer questions people are searching for online.
  • Write and publish articles and books to strengthen the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike.