Finney E Cherian was raised in a Christian home in Kerala, India. The primary spiritual influence in his life was his father, a Pastor who planted dozens of churches in India. After receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Savior as a child, Finney’s faith quickly blossomed, and at age 13 he started fulfilling God’s ministry for his young life. Each Sunday after church service, he rode his small bicycle from house to house inviting teenagers to his home for prayer. The number of students attending these prayer meetings rapidly increased from 10 to 50, and many of the teenagers trusted Christ for salvation. Fueled by his deep love for God and the gospel message, Finney’s ministry soon expanded to door-to-door evangelism.

In 2001, Finney began pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. The first year, he stayed close to God and did very well. However, in 2002 he began backsliding. He stopped praying and reading the bible and instead turned to worldly pursuits and their empty promises. During this time, he was not able to focus on what was important; and as a result, he failed all subjects in his third semester.

On April 9, 2003, just three days before his fourth-semester finals, Finney was traveling on his motorbike in a rainstorm when an accident left him unconscious and in critical condition on the road. A truck driver who happened to be driving by spotted Finney and transported him to a nearby hospital so he could be treated for his injuries. However, injuries to his head, ear, nose, and mouth were so severe that he could not be identified. The hospital, which could not cover surgery costs, eventually concluded Finney was deceased and moved him to a room with other unidentified corpses.

Fortunately, a person found Finney’s home phone number in his personal belongings and placed a call to inform Finney’s family. His uncle arrived immediately and had Finney transferred to another hospital for treatment. There he was admitted to the intensive care unit, where he was given 48 hours to live. In spite of the devastating prognosis, his parents and family refused to give up. Instead, they fasted and prayed for a miracle for over a week. On the eighth day, the Lord completely healed Finney’s devastating injuries without any medical intervention or procedures.

The hospital staff was so shocked and stunned by his complete healing that they insisted on multiple x-rays and CT scans to try to come up with a medical explanation. When they could not find any medical reasons for such a complete healing, the entire medical staff declared that the only explanation was Jesus Christ had healed him! Finney committed his life to do God’s will. However, because of his accident and his previous decision to turn away from God, he found himself faced with having to combine and complete semesters three, four and five. The professionals told him that it was impossible and do not expect to finish on time, but Finney knew with God, all things were possible. During this time, Finney was extremely overwhelmed trying complete his studies. With nobody available to encourage him, he once again cried out to God asking for strength to get through a program that professionals deemed impossible.

Jesus continued to work in amazing ways in Finney’s life after the healing. He helped Finney to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, MBA in Management as well as a Master’s degree in Divinity. These degrees opened the door for Finney to work as an IT Manager while serving God. Finney also travels to churches, conferences and revival meetings, overseas and across America, sharing the gospel, asking God to heal the sick, and encouraging Christians to live each day with the second coming of Christ at the forefront of their hearts and minds.

Finney prays that his life story will inspire you in your own life journey. “I’m so thankful to God that I am able to share my testimony here,” Finney says, “so that you can see, hear and believe that truly our God is the God of MIRACLES! Now Almighty JESUS is using his servant in different parts of the world as a vessel in his hands. My friends, if Jesus can heal me, he can heal you, too. If Jesus can use me, he can use you, too.”